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Leadership Excellence Bundle
PDUs: 5
Technical Project Management PDU Value: 0
Leadership PDU Value: 5
Strategic and Business Management PDU Value: 0
Category: Course/Training
Author: Made for Success
Available Versions: DOWNLOADABLE
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Leadership Excellence Bundle - DOWNLOADABLE VERSION

PDUs:5    Price: $49.50
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Whether you are looking to upgrade your leadership skills to get to the next level or to motivate yourself to get through the day, here's an opportunity to Relax & Learn from some of the top leadership experts in the world - 5 minutes at a time.  WIth PDUs2Go, you can download 50 Leadership Tips to your iPhone or iPod from our biggest names and #1 Best Selling Authors who have partnered exclusively with PDUs2Go at significantly reduced prices.


Hey there,


Leadership Excellence Bundle


50 Leadership Tips for $49.50... That's 99¢ each!

Each Leadership Excellence Tip is a 5 minute audio download.

5 Category A PDUs for the bundle

PLUS! A BONUS by Chris Widener
Totally Motivated ebook
A $6 VALUE for FREE!

Buy the bundle NOW, listen LATER!

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in this bundle
» Accountability, by John Patterson & Chip Bell
» Bold Dreams, by Lance Secretan
» Branded Developers, by Jon Younger, Norm Smallwood & Dave Ulrich
» Build Strong Habits, by Marcus Buckingham
» CEO-Chariman Debate, by Curtis J. Crawford
» Certification, by Judith A. Hale
» Change for the Better, by Marshall Goldsmith
» Change Happens Twice, by James Mapes
» Charisma, by Anthony F. Smith
» Coachability, by Howard M. Guttman
» Commitment, by Michael Feiner
» Corporate Politics, by Joanne G. Sujansky
» Creating Leader 2.0, by André Martin
» Decision Leaders, by Howard M. Guttman
» Developing Leaders, by Michael E. Echols
» Every Day Is Opening Day, by Jeff Angus
» Expand Comfort Zones, by Michelle Gall
» Failure or Fallure, by Jim Collins
» Four Priorities, by Christopher Rice
» Generational Differences, by Jennifer J. Deal
» Governing Values, by Bowen H. McCoy
» Great Leaders, by Dr. Bill Adams
» Hot Spot Gold, by Lynda Gratton
» Humble Leaders, by William R. Daniels
» Leadership Agility, by Bill Joiner & Stephen Josephs
» Leading All-Star Teams, by Andy Boynton & Bill Fischer
» Lean Thinking, by Rob Lebow
» Magnificent Seven, by BJ Gallagher
» Make Your Company a Great Place to Work, by Stephen J. Cabot & Julius M. Steiner
» Managing Momentum, by Samuel B. Bacharach
» Master Leaders, by Tom Hopkins
» Onboarding, by Kevin Cashman & Marti Smye
» People Skills, by Marshall Goldsmith
» Performance Management, by Michael M. Grant
» Power Mentoring, by Ellon Ensher & Susan E. Murphy
» Power Sharing, by Marjan Bolmeijer
» Selecting a Leader, by David Maister
» Seven Deadly Traps, by Dede Henley
» The Carrot Principle, by Adrian Gostick
» The New Leader, by Judith E. Glaser
» The Race for Talent, by Brian C. Walker
» To Develop Others, Start With Yourself, by Marshall Goldsmith
» Top Performance, by Jeff Snipes & Liz Becker
» Transformation, by Dr. Carolyn B. Aiken & Scott P. Keller
» True Leadership, by James Mapes
» Trustworthy Leaders, by Dr. David Abshire
» Unlocking Genius, by Alan S. Gregerman
» What Motivates You to Lead?, by Cynthia E. Marsh
» Why Are You Here?, by Tom Peters

BONUS!!! FREE ebook!
Totally Motivated, by Best Selling author Chris Widener
Chris Widener
Totally Motivated, by Best Selling author Chris Widener

Totally Motivated is the award winning eBook from New York Times best selling author Chris Widener that focuses Totally on Motivation: How to get it and how to keep it, so you can succeed in every area of your life. Download this e-book instantly and learn what motivates high-achievers to succeed, including stories and informative articles from fighter pilots, TV personalities, professional athletes and millionaires. Join tens of thousands who have enjoyed these life lessons.

A VALUE of $6 - FREE!

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Download our full color catalog to see more details on all of our self-paced downloadable courses.

Over 300 Category 3 PDUs and 77 courses for you to choose.

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#1 Best Selling Authors Included in this Bundle
Adrian Gostick
Marcus Buckingham Go
Author of First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently

Tom Peters
Tom Peters Go
Author of The Project 50 (Reinventing Work): Fifty Ways to Transform Every "Task" into a Project That Matters!

Jim Collins
Jim Collins Go
Author of Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't

Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall Goldsmith Go
Author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There

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Select a package below. Note that all hardcopy orders include the downloable version!
Leadership Excellence Bundle - DOWNLOADABLE VERSION

PDUs:5    Price: $49.50
Select Quantity