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Assertiveness Training for Team Leaders
PDUs: 8
Technical Project Management PDU Value: 0
Leadership PDU Value: 8
Strategic and Business Management PDU Value: 0
Category: Course/Training
Author: Made for Success
Available Versions: DOWNLOADABLE
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Assertiveness Training for Team Leaders - DOWNLOADABLE VERSION

PDUs:8    Price: $72.00
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Assertiveness Training for Team Leaders:

Confronting Tough Conversations with Emotional Intelligence

 with Cara Lane and Dawn Jones


This program is designed to help leaders and managers resolve conflict and confrontation in the workplace with emotional intelligence. Through learning assertiveness skills, leaders will discover how to improve their communication in order to improve effective results with their teams.

Part One of this course is a video which explores how to be assertive and accomplish projects at the "speed of success."  Author Cara Lane presents how a leader can be assertive and maintain a positive perception in the workplace.  The video program is accompanied with an interactive workbook which guides you through exercises to assert your leadership skills in a positive manner.  The 6 essential values of assertiveness training taught in this course include:

  1. The Word Defined.  Understand the definition and psychology behind true assertiveness.  Do you see assertiveness as a negative or a positive? Learn how to express yourself with respect towards another person and exhibit self-confidence with the goal of making a collective, positive interchange of thoughts within your team.
  2. The Look Revealed. Learn how use body language techniques to increase believability.  As a Project Manager and team leader, your behaviors, tone and body language often speak louder than your words. It is important to be aware of your behaviors and what others may perceive them to mean.
  3. The Tough Talks. Discover proven formulas for success in tough conversations that will move your team forward.  As a Project Manager tough conversations are inevitable.  This formula will guide you through the techniques of confrontation, saying no, and how to have the last word of assertiveness. 
  4. The Emotional Equation. Recreate your human responses by learning how to recognize emotions in yourself and your team members. Emotional control is a skill that can be learned and will increase your overall self-control in difficult situations.
  5. The Communication Rules. Learn how to clearly define your intent and what you want other people to understand by carefully selecting what you say and how you say it. Communication is not as simple as it seems. As a leader, it is your responsibility to make sure your communication is clear and precise.
  6. The Considerate Connection. Learn how to respond accordingly.  Customization within communication is the essence of taking the others person’s view into consideration.  You are responsible for understanding where another person might be coming from.  As a Project Manager, you must adjust accordingly to get your desired results.

Part Two of this course is delivered by author Dawn Jones on how to manage difficult personalities in her #1 best-selling audio presentation Top 7 Personality Challenges.  Learn how to deal with difficult people more effectively by overcoming personality challenges. Through this course you will learn essential skills in communicating successfully as a team leader in order to get the job done without hard feelings.   

Project team leaders can become equipped with skills on how to deal with challenging personalities in the workplace.  By mastering the right communication style for differing personalities, your team interaction will move to a new level.   This program is ideal for PMPs seeking to develop emotional intelligence.

Key concepts taught in this course are: 

  1. How to deal with someone who intimidates you
  2. How to look and feel more confident by using your personality
  3. How to successfully sell people your ideas
  4. How to motivate even the most stubborn people!
  5. Recognize how to eliminate manipulation
  6. Learn how top leaders identify when and how to adjust their personality styles without seeming weak or intimidated
  7. And, finally, Dawn’s ultimate secret which reveals the best personality!

Discover the secrets of putting your personality to work for you so you can have powerful and effective communication regardless of age, position, generation, culture or gender.


Learning Objectives

  1. The Word Defined: Write down your definition of Assertiveness.
  2. The Look Revealed:  Describe ways you have seen assertiveness displayed incorrectly and correctly.
  3. The Tough Talks: Explain how you plan to implement the technique Confrontation Formula Clear the AIRR in your next tough talk.
  4. The Emotional Equation: Describe what you have discovered about your emotional equation and how you can effectively control your reaction.
  5. The Communication Rules:  Document how you will take responsibility for clear communication in your next difficult conversation.
  6. The Considerate Connection:  Describe the nature of an extrovert vs. an introvert and document how you can assertively customize your communication with each personality.
  7. Top 7 Personality Challenges: Write down the essential skills you learned in communicating successfully with difficult personalities.

Course Outline

  • Assertiveness Training with Cara Lane
  • Top 7 Personality Challenges with Dawn Jones 

Course Agenda

  • The Word Defined
  • The Look Revealed
  • The Tough Talks
  • The Emotional Equation
  • The Communication Rules
  • The Considerate Connection
  • The Top 7 Personality Challenges


  1. Course Guide
  2. Assertiveness Training: Audio and Video
  3. Top Seven Personality Challenges: Audio
  4. Assertiveness Training: Program Journal Workbook


Add This Course To Your Cart
Select a package below. Note that all hardcopy orders include the downloable version!
Assertiveness Training for Team Leaders - DOWNLOADABLE VERSION

PDUs:8    Price: $72.00
Select Quantity