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Managing the Business of Project Managers
PDUs: 8
Technical Project Management PDU Value: 0
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Strategic and Business Management PDU Value: 8
Category: Course/Training
Author: Made for Success
Available Versions: DOWNLOADABLE
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Managing the Business of Project Managers - DOWNLOADABLE VERSION

PDUs:8    Price: $72.00
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Managing the Business of Project Managers

Techniques for Establishing Priorities, Eliminating Time Wasters

and Successfully Completing Projects

By Sherry Prindle and Dawn Jones


Would you like to more effectively manage multiple projects, clearly identify your priorities and consistently meet your deadlines while factoring in the wisdom and insights of business acumen? Would you like to implement the techniques of strategic planning and alignment into your daily work schedule in order for your projects to meet your organizations overall strategic goals?

Managing one project alone can be challenging, but you know projects are not carried out in a vacuum. You have daily tasks, other projects, and last-minute changes to handle.

This course trains you to build structures into the project management skills you already have to confront the day-to-day while accomplishing projects on time and establishing personal and professional balance.

The business of project management starts with conditioning your mind to take on the proper perspective for productivity, staying calm and juggling multiple inputs from people and project expectations.

You then create a master plan that incorporates all your projects along with day-to-day routines into daily plans that lead to completion of long-term objectives.

Because the best-laid plans are often thwarted by disorganization and interruptions, your ability to organize incoming calls, visits, and emails is the key to completing what you set out to do.

But can you do it alone? What resources do you have that can help you, and are you taking advantage of them? What jobs can you entrust to others, and how do you ensure accuracy if you don’t do it yourself?

While written plans are essential, so is mental organization. What was it that you promised you would do this week? Why did you get up from your workspace? What was her name? Learn how your brain determines what to remember, and become the person who can recall what you need when you need it.

Finally, do you ever feel like you are taking a few steps back every time something changes? It is hard to switch gears and get cooperation when things are not meeting expectations. You can translate the signals of resistance to change to switch direction and accomplish everything with this course.

Mastering the structure that surrounds the project allows you to treat your life and work like one big project. One that you can accomplish intentionally with confidence and precision.


Learning Objectives

  1. Be able to identify unproductive mental states and adjust to the appropriate “level of zoom” so that you can connect the dots between your work and your organizations expectations of your project outcomes.
  2. You'll discover the power of focusing your conversations and presentations to move people toward your goals while increasing your confidence in all circumstances—around bosses, co-workers, family and friends—even difficult people!
  3. Follow a system that captures everything and “funnels” down into a daily plan that aligns with your organization’s overall strategic plans.
  4. Organize and prioritize the diverse items that interrupt the daily plan to achieve optimum balance and productivity.
  5. Give the right jobs to the right people in the right way to ensure accuracy and efficiency which ensures maximum operational functions.
  6. Use tools and tricks to store information long-term for easy recall.
  7. Decipher the internal change-resistance code and reprogram the team to achieve breakthroughs.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Solutions for the Overwhelmed
  • Module 2: Presenting Your Ideas with Powerful Communication
  • Module 3: Harnessing Time and Priorities
  • Module 4: Organized and Interruption Free
  • Module 5: Motivation for Delegation
  • Module 6: Master Your Memory
  • Module 7: Breaking the Barriers that Obstruct Change
  • Conclusion

Course Agenda

  • Zoom to the optimal perspective to be productive in the moment.
  • Clearly communicate your expectations and increase team engagement—even with challenging personalities.
  • Capture and structure all the elements of your work into a daily plan.
  • Organize resources and plan for interruptions to create a realistic approach.
  • Maximize the diversity of available resources to delegate work and ensure it is done correctly.
  • Keep track of what you need to know and recall it at the right time.
  • Use recognition, rapport, and reprogramming to overcome barriers and stay on target.



  1. Course Guide
  2. Course Training Audios
  3. Course Action Guide
Add This Course To Your Cart
Select a package below. Note that all hardcopy orders include the downloable version!
Managing the Business of Project Managers - DOWNLOADABLE VERSION

PDUs:8    Price: $72.00
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