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LEAD: Like A Boss
PDUs: 10
Technical Project Management PDU Value: 0
Leadership PDU Value: 10
Strategic and Business Management PDU Value: 0
Category: Course/Training
Author: Made for Success
Available Versions: DOWNLOADABLE
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To lead "Like a Boss" means to develop a new set of leadership skills -leading with style and courage. This collection of leadership principles from authors, PhD’s, psychologists, CEO’s and professional speakers is designed to help new leaders develop instantaneous leadership results.

Would you like to become an incredible leader of change…and have your team love it? Would you like to understand the 3 core traits of young leaders? Perhaps you’d like to discover how leaders face the top 7 personality challenges and succeed? Well now you can. Internationally acclaimed authors present their incredible ideas on how new leaders can adapt to personalities in the workplace and generate loyal followers:

1. How to Leave a Legacy in your Company
2. Understand the Top 7 Personality Challenges
3. Master the 4 Core Strategies Essential to Managing Change
4. How to Lead the Four Stages of Change
5. How to Lead Beyond Your Own Style

This team of authors, PhD’s, psychologists, CEO’s and professional speakers has teamed-up to share their success secrets for developing leadership skills. Every leader is faced with responding to rapid changes in the marketplace with imperfect data to make decisions.

Using the concepts in this collection of guiding principles from multiple experts will help you lead your teams and guarantee that they embrace…and yes, even love change! You’ll learn what Wikipedia has to say about people skewing their personality profile scores, and discover what Socrates revealed about you…over 2500 years ago. Just like Jim Collins says in “Good to Great”, you will discover how to lead your company and create enduring change that lasts.

By examining leadership in amazing situations, you’ll develop your own leadership philosophies shaped by stories of seasoned leaders including Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson, Oprah, Lady Di and New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Course Outline

  • Part One – Leading In Your Career
    • Own the Zone: What Leaders Need to Know About the Closing Zone
    • Career Advancement: 5 Competencies for Career Growth in the New Era of Employment
  • Part Two – Leadership Mastery
    • Leadership Vampires
    • Live Courageously and Conquer Fear: 3 Proven Ways Leaders Can Deal with Fear
    • Adaptive Leadership: Looking at Columbine and Beyond
    • Before You Can Lead: The Maturation of a Leader
    • What is a Leader? Profiles in Leadership for the Modern Era
    • Legacy: The Practice of Great Leaders
  • Part Three – Radical Change
    • Clear Vision for World Class Leadership
    • Embracing Change: 4 Core Strategies Essential to Managing Change
    • A Leader is a Change Master: Creating the Future
  • Part Four – Personality Dynamics
    • Top 7 Personality Challenges: Successful Communication Secrets for Differing
    • Personality Types
    • Leading Beyond Your Own Style
  • Part Five – Productivity Strategies
    • Productivity Strategies for Executives: Time Management Issues Facing C(X)O Leaders
    • Dynamic Strategic Action Planning: Create Success in Today’s Fast-Paced Environment

Course Agenda

  • Part One – Leading In Your Career
    • Learn what it means to be a leader in the workplace and set your career on the fast-track at work. Learn modern tips for rapid promotion to attain the leadership position you desire.
  • Part Two – Leadership Mastery
    • In answer to the question of “What does it take to be a great leader?” This section looks at the philosophy of leadership in the workplace along with profiles of influential leaders such as Sir Richard Branson, Mother Teresa and Desmond Tutu.
  • Part Three – Radical Change
    • To lead in today’s work environment means managing rapid change…and setting-up an atmosphere where your team loves change. Learn how to embrace an uncertain future.
  • Part Four – Personality Dynamics
    • Leading multiple generations takes skill. Learn how each generation thinks and how to adapt your leadership style based on personality type, generation and style.
  • Part Five – Productivity Strategies
    • The pace of change is increasing exponentially in the technology based information age. Learn how to stay productive, while leading on the cutting edge.


  • LEAD –Like a Boss eBook
  • LEAD –Like a Boss Audiobook


Add This Course To Your Cart
Select a package below. Note that all hardcopy orders include the downloable version!

PDUs:10    Price: $90.00
Select Quantity