Curve Benders: 

How Strategic Relationships Can Power Your Non-Linear Growth In The Future of Work


Your journey from now to next starts here…



Curve Benders: 

How Strategic Relationships Can Power Your Non-Linear Growth In The Future of Work


Your journey from now to next starts here…



Find And Nurture Your Curve Benders

Not all relationships are created equal.

Some of them literally have the power to transform your life and career in a geometrical way, and often shape who you become.

In Curve Benders, David Nour describes who and where they are, how to find and engage them, and how one becomes a curve bender to profoundly impact the lives and livelihoods of others.

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So Why Are Curve Benders The Biggest Determinants of Your Future Growth?

(and How to find them?!)

Ok, so building relationships is key to career success... great, but you already knew that, right?

And the right ones are even more important and can make a bigger difference…

Your network is your net worth

Right, but I’m talking about something a little different here!

See, as human beings, we tend to think in a linear fashion and see our career and life evolving that way.

When in reality, real growth in nature follows an exponential pattern

When we’re trying to solve a complex problem or attempting to “take it to the next level”, we need to know how to create this S-curve.

In other words, we need to KNOW how to create that refraction point.

Let me be clear: this isn’t a good-to-have.

This is a must for a thriving personal and professional growth path that can dramatically transform what we do and who we become.

Complacency is NOT an option.

Knowing exactly what that refraction point and strategic relationship is for you can save you months and years of struggle.

But here is the best part!

Understanding how to find, nurture and become a Curve Bender can create an upward spiral.

None of us can predict the future, but one thing is sure: things will change.

And because there is no certainty in the gig economy about what your industry will look like tomorrow and in the next few years…

… your best plan to ensure you will thrive throughout these changes is to cultivate these Curve Benders and strategic relationships!

In turn, you will be able to duplicate these S-curve cycle at will.

“Ok… so who are these curve benders and where do I find them in my life?”

Over the past 20 years, David Nour has helped leading organizations recognize the many quantifiable ways that relationships drive everything: strategy, innovation, growth, and profitability.

The blueprint you will find inside these pages have now helped literally thousands of companies and individuals around the world to grow faster than ever before. 

This is the comprehensive guide to drive personal and professional re-invention and activate your non-linear growth.

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Curve Benders: How Strategic Relationship Can Power Your Non-Linear Growth In The Future Of Work


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Inside of Curve Benders, David Nour will be sharing with you the key principles to help you implement a roadmap to your strategic relationships and non-linear growth.

Key #1: 15 Forces Impacting Your Future

The COVID global pandemic was only one example of 15 forces our research points to continued disruptions in how we’ll work, live, plan and give.

To thrive, it’s important to understand what they are and not try to go against them, but instead use them as a refraction point in your growth curve.

Change is a guarantee. Whether you will take it as an opportunity for exponential growth or not is up to you.

Key #2: Your Personal Market Value

If you’re looking for the next step in your career, a promotion, a better job or position or reinventing your business - you need to be thinking about your market value.

We’ve built a real mechanism and a scorecard that will allow you to assess that market value today.

You will also learn the recipe for your path from now to next by understanding how to increase your market value and communicate it to your superior to propel you in that new direction.

Key #3: The Growth Grid & Solving Complex Challenges

This part of the book is about changing the way you think about solving problems more efficiently and effectively.

Curve Benders aren’t just a long term play, they can help you right now to save years of learning and mistakes.

By using a relationship-centric approach to solving problems, you will be able to address market opportunities and make big leaps of progress today!

Key #4: 7 Steps To Your Curve Benders

Relationships are your biggest assets in the future of work.

So, how do you identify, nurture and find these Curver Benders in your current environment?

This is the step-by-step blueprint to find them and become one yourself in your social circle and life.

Key #5: The Treasure Map: Your Next 10 Years

This is an entire chapter dedicated to creating your roadmap in your journey from now to next.

Implementing these principles is the key to really get ahead of the curve and breathe life into your S-curve growth plan.

The exercises you will find on these pages will give you complete clarity and a sense of control over your next steps.


BONUS #1: 4 Hours Course: Building Your Career Lattice (4 PDUs)

This exclusive mini-course will help you create your Blueprint to drive personal re-invention.

When you start seeing your career as a series of projects and not just a boring corporate ladder, things will change.

David Nour lays out how to build your career lattice and find these reflection point in your career and through the book’s principles.

BONUS #2: Access Access To Private Community Of Curve Benders

Join our global community of project leaders and curve benders!

Interact with your peers and our industry experts inside our private and interactive community.

Complacency is NOT an option...

With recent events, it's very clear that keeping the status quo in your professional career is regressive.

Learning these skills and the ways of the relationship economy is going to make a BIG difference for you and your team.

Those who ignore it will be at risk...

Your Blueprint to Non-Linear Growth:

  •  The Book: Curve Benders Book (7 PDUs)
  • BONUS #1: 4 Hour Self-Paced, On-Demand Course: Building Your Career Lattice (4 PDUs)
  • BONUS #2: Access to Private Community of Curve Benders

Your journey from now to next starts here…


A Personal Note From David Nour

Hi there!

I’m so excited to bring these concepts to you in this book, which is really the fruit of my past 20 years of work.

But this isn’t just about my experience of helping some of the biggest cutting edge companies around the world…

… This is about how this can impact your life and guide your journey to a non-linear professional growth.

I really think these Curve Benders, strategic relationships are the key to become a bulletproof disrupter and welcome change in our lives.

And this is why I’d love for our relationship together to start with this comprehensive guide of the relationship economy.

To your success and non-linear growth ahead,

~ David Nour

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