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  • Earn 60 PDUs towards your PMP Certification renewal.
  • Earn 20 PDUs in each of the 3 Skill Areas of the PMI Talent Triangle.
  • Earn your Certificate to Register your 60 PDUs
  • As an Individual Contributor & Thinker - Capitalize on your strengths and overcome any thought patterns undermining your performance and success.
  • As a Team Member - Gain Influence and master the art of interpersonal dynamics to improve your performance and success.
  • As a Leader - Position your team for improved morale and maximum productivity, performance and success.
GET 60 PDUs for $99 NOW

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Project Managers on the Go can now earn PDUs around their demanding schedule with portable, self-paced courses on-demand.


PDUs2Go means Portable & Affordable. Earn n’ Learn® while in your car, in your office, by the pool or on the road. Anywhere. Anytime.


Learn on your favorite tablet, phone, or laptop - how it’s convenient for you. Complete your PMP Certification Renewal while on the go!

Have questions? Give us a call: +1 (404) 800-6687

We Help busy Project Managers on the Go Earn 60 PDU Credits and Renew Their PMP Certification Simple, Easy and Fast.

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Renew Your PMP Certification


Complete your PMI Talent Triangle

Performance Mastery is a 60 PDU Master Class that allows you to enhance your communication skills with training that can help make you your best self.


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What's My Investment?

How much is performing inefficiently or ineffectively costing you? How many team members are disgruntled by the perceived favoritism of your ‘go-to’ person? How many times does your ‘go-to’ person feel burdened due to your over reliance on them to get things done? How many times have high-pressured situations blown up because you’ve inadvertantly assigned someone to take over when they don’t have the expertise they need? Are your team members bitter because they keep getting passed for projects they know they’re more qualified to handle than those you’re assigning? How many times have you gotten yourself in an unfavorable situation because you were unable to say ‘no’ when you were assigned projects or tasks in which you had no expertise? How many times have you put your team members in an unfavorable situation because you assigned them projects or tasks in which they had no expertise? How many times have you put your company in an unfavorable situation because you accepted projects or tasks or assigned them to your team in which none of you had expertise? Performing inefficiently or ineffectively may already be costing you a great deal in reputation and failed projects and, ultimately, in lack of trust and missed opportunities.

What's Inside the Course?

8 Strengths Assessments

Engaging Story & Lessons

Guided Journal Entries, Scenario-Based Exercises, Reflective Questionnaires and a Personal Action Plan

Self-Scoring Quizzes and Proven Performance Tools

* Once you learn and apply the best practices within this proven system, you can unlock your performance potential and master your performance.

30 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee

60 PDUs


GET 60 PDUs for $99 NOW

What Makes So Different?

Our customers, like you, are the what makes us different... you are our PDUs2Go Heroes.

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Need a course designed to fit your schedule?

GET 60 PDUs for $99 NOW

Looking to earn PDUs simple, easy and fast?

GET 60 PDUs for $99 NOW

Want to Master Your Performance?

GET 60 PDUs for $99 NOW

Whether you are looking to upgrade your leadership skills to get to the next level or to motivate yourself to get throught the day, here’s an opportunity to Relax & Learn from one of the top leadership experts in the field of project management – and earn 60 PDUs at the same time! With PDUs2Go, you can complete this Master Class on your iPhone, iPad or any portable or mobile device from one of our biggest names in the Project Management Community who, literally, wrote the book to unlock your performance potential and founded to allow you to do so on the go! 

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