Pizza Party: A Team-Building Guide

Pizza Party: A Team Building Guide
by Jennifer Bridges

Informal gatherings can be the glue that binds a team together, especially on large-scale projects where team members only see each other occasionally (if at all). Pizza Party: A Team-building Guide helps teams go beyond voice mail, e-mail, and formal status reports to become more productive and collaborative as a group.

Jennifer Bridges, PMP (formerly, Jennifer Whitt) has been training teams to stay motivated and engaged for years, and now she’s created this portable course with the key ingredients to make informal gatherings an important tool in your PM toolkit.

With this portable course, you’ll receive:

  • An illustrated guide full of ideas on where, when, and how to get your team together for informal interaction that will increase productivity, performance, and passion.
  • A template for your team-building event based on the 5 project management process groups – to ensure it’s a success!

Course Outline

  • Preface
  • People + Pizza = Productivity®
  • Serious Fun
  • Serious Outcomes
  • When to Have a Gathering
  • Tips from the Head Chef
  • Your Role
  • Your Team-Building Plan

Course Agenda

  • Review the key ingredients to building teams.
  • Understand the outcomes that can result.
  • Review tips to having your team building event.
  • Apply the principles by planning and hosting your own team building event.


  • Pizza Party®: A Team Building Guide
  • Pizza Party®: Audio files

Pizza Party: A Team-Building Guide

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