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Leadership Awareness for Powerful, Positive Change



My passion and purpose is helping you create powerful, positive change. I started with myself and now I’m equipped and able to help others embark on their transformational journey. This is a short version of my story…

After 20+ years in Corporate America, and as a divorced single parent with unfinished emotional baggage, I felt stuck, stagnant and overwhelmed. I needed to believe there was more to life and embarked on a personal development quest that completely changed my life.

I tried everything...from Cognitive and Jungian therapy to experimental counseling, I studied various spiritual beliefs, enrolled in every workshops I could find and processed deep inner child work. I felt like Alice in Wonderland falling through the rabbit hole…a whole new world emerged, an inner landscape where I found the missing piece: myself.

Eventually, I landed at The Gestalt Institute of Atlanta where I spent several years as Director, Gestalt Practitioner and NLP trainer before venturing out on my own. 

Now I am here, a teacher, trainer, speaker, workshop facilitator, healer & practitioner... I love guiding people on their transformational journey, whether individually or in groups. The tools and techniques I teach are ones that I have experienced or witnessed myself.