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The Startup is the Project



Charlie is a twenty-eight-year professional angel investor. He is focused on the Atlanta tech community, where he is known as the entrepreneur's investor.  In addition to his investing activity, he held many leadership roles in his community, including:

  • President of the Business and Technology Association of Georgia
  • Chairman of High Tech Ministries of Georgia
  • Board member of the Southeast Software Association
  • Board member, and part of the founding team of the Technology Association of Georgia
  • President and Board member of the Technology Association of Georgia
  • Founder and President of Angel Lounge at the ATDC
  • Chairman and past President of the Atlanta High Tech Prayer Breakfast
  • Twice the keynote speaker at the Atlanta High Tech Prayer Breakfast

As an early-stage investor in tech services and product companies, he invested in over thirty-five companies. He had a few successes and enjoyed helping these entrepreneurs achieve their dream of starting and building their own company. In recognition of his angel investing efforts and community involvement, Charlie was recently honored with Startup Atlanta's lifetime leadership achievement award.

Before his angel investing career, Charlie was a group President responsible for software and services in two publicly traded companies. Entrepreneurship was his on-ramp to these companies who acquired his startup.

Charlie continues to serve entrepreneurs and angel investors. He uses Paparelli Ventures as his weekly blogging platform. In addition, he hosts weekly Zoom Chats for Entrepreneurs which are open to the community.

Charlie and his wife, Kathy are married for forty-three years with four children and four grandchildren. They attend Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Ga.