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Waterfall vs. Agile Methodologies


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 Jason Westland is a successful entrepreneur and subject matter expert in project management. He has successfully managed hundreds of projects in Europe and Asia Pacific. He now specializes in Online Project Management and is known for his software suite, published books and methodologies.

Jason founded the award-winning business, a SaaS product that is used in over 100 countries by organizations like NASA and The United Nations. Prior to this, he founded and which grew to over 1 million customers before being acquired by a US consulting company in 2012.

He is the author of the best-selling book, The Project Management Life Cycle and he writes a regular newsletter which is read by 320,000 industry professionals around the World. He has been interviewed by Forbes, PMI, ComputerWorld and CIO Magazine and is a regular guest author for many of the industries top blogs.

Jason aims to improve project success rates by creating innovative technologies and sharing best practices.