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Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Execution with OKRs



As a  Strategist, Advisor, Coach and Chief Growth Officer of SUCCESSWERKS, Nhat has had to help forward-thinking entrepreneurs & leaders to pivot, shift, and maintain performance as a leader while partnering with them to sustain, grow, and transform their business over the last two decades. 

Nhat has taken those experiences of working with over 200 companies using STRATEGY, StoryBranding, & evolving methodologies to stay at the forefront in helping companies grow. 

As a speaker, trainer  & strategist, Nhat has worked with Fortune 1000 brands like AT&T and Lexus to local entrepreneurs enabling them to 5X their company. 

He believes “What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you,” which words has been all too real these last few months. 

Nhat will share with you today how to help you and your growth-minded businesses to Bridge the Gap Between Strategy and Execution Using OKRs.