3 Ways to Make Yourself An Indispensable Project Manager

leadership Jun 08, 2018

Great projects are built on the backs of hard working project managers and the team members that support them. As project managers, we are given the crucial role to inspire, lead, and motivate those on our team to achieve greatness together. But what characteristics help distinguish us as project managers, and move our leadership skills from ‘good’ to ‘great’? What can we do for our teams that help us to be indispensable in our role as project managers?

At PDUs2Go, we believe that all truly successful PMPs possess a handful of skills that push their ability to lead and achieve to the next level. These fundamental traits are skills we must all possess to be productive and helpful in a work environment- but with the right training and shaping, can make us truly indispensable as project leaders. These skills are: goal setting, time management, and communication skills.

Goal Setting: As a project manager, how do you expect to achieve great things? Most likely- you have a desired end in mind and then create a structure to achieve said end- aka, a goal. We all have our own preferred structure and management style that guides us to get from point A to point B- but do you have a structured plan created to guarantee great results? Goal creation and goal setting is a powerful tool that can take your project planning from ordinary to remarkable. Great leaders begin their process with a set goal in mind, and a project plan that leads them to greatness.

Time Management: As project managers, deadlines can be a necessary evil that keep us up late at night and working through the weekend. How is it that some people can make meeting deadlines look so easy, while many of us just can’t find enough hours in the day? Time management is a skill we all need, but few probably master on their own. Those who learn the secret to avoiding time wasters and unnecessary activities unlock the code to more personal time and work-free weekends, while exceeding necessary deadlines.

Communication Skills: Communication skills are one of the most essential components in our ability to successfully lead team members into action. How we say what we say and how others perceive our words are not only crucial in a work environment, but critical in all areas of our lives. When you talk- do your team members listen? Or are your teams prone to miscommunications that lead to unnecessary or incorrect work? Effectively communication your project needs and expectations can lead to an improved project process and better team participation!

These three indispensable skills can help shape you into an indispensable project manager, and maximize your effectiveness as a leader. But if we aren’t already skilled in these areas, does it mean we are doomed to fail? The good news is, these three skills should be crafted and improved by design, and should be worked on as part of your success strategy.

PDUs2Go offers three 60 PDU courses designed to help you master these 3 areas while earning your 60 PDU recertification credits. These 3 courses (Communicating for Results: Leadership Skills through Structured Communications; Managing Projects at the Speed of Time: Time Management Techniques to Thrive Under Pressure; Managing Teams to Achieve BIG Goas: Goal Setting and Achievement for Team Leaders) feature leading experts in their fields of study, who provide you with practical principles that can immediately be implemented into your every day life. Mastering these three skills will not only make you an indispensable project manager, but help you reach your potential as a leader of your profession.

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