How to Keep Up in the Digital Age

According to the ABC News Report: Americans: Overworked, Overstressed (May, 2018) today’s workers are feeling the crunch of less time and more demands. Most employees clock in at over 50 hours per week (, with few now claiming to work the once ‘expected’ 40 hour work week. However, the average project manager works an average of 55-60+ hours per week (, leaving those within the project management community with even fewer hours in the day to handle outside work duties, chores, and leisure activities. In an economy that is demanding we produce more with less, and that prioritizes results- how are we to maintain a healthy balance in our lives?

Barring the ability to create more hours in the day (which we cannot do), we must become experts of our own time, and create strategies and practices that lend to better time management. Continuous long work hours, unchecked stress and unrealistic expectations are leading causes of work-related burnout. By...

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