5 Tips to Keep You on Track During Thanksgiving

For many professionals, the most wonderful time of the year can come with a warning… how do we ensure that our workflow doesn’t fall through the cracks while still enjoying some time with our friends and family? In the midst of deadlines and project milestones, it can be hard to avoid the distractions and dread that our work may be falling behind. 

So, how can we enjoy this special time without digging ourselves into a hole come Monday? Try these tips: 

  1. Plan ahead. Most everyone will be out of work between Wed-Friday, so make sure you plan for that unexpected downtime.
  2. Work ahead. Part of planning ahead is getting ahead and doubling up on those tasks that have to be completed on a daily basis, even if it is a holiday.
  3. Be upfront. If you are going on vacation and need some extra time- make sure everyone in your pipeline knows that you won’t be around for a few days. Everyone usually understands that the holidays are a great time to shut down and shut off for a few days!
  4. Delegate. If possible, have someone else look over matters of importance and just check in occasionally, so you know really time-sensitive things aren’t being ignored. 
  5. Be realistic. Hey, it’s the holidays. Even if you don’t want to take time off, it’s likely that your teammates do. So set your expectations for a more relaxed pace and realize that Monday will be here soon enough, and things will go back to normal then.

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