How to Increase Productivity and Improve Team Morale with Minimal Effort

leadership Dec 11, 2018

If there was one technique you could employ right away that would increase productivity and improve team morale through minimal effort... would you give it a try? Simply implementing 'active listening' techniques into your daily meetings and interactions is an easy way to achieve improved communication on your team. While communicating with coworkers, employees or teammates today, give this a try: slow down and really focus in on what the person you are speaking with is saying. Don't think about how you want to respond, rather really listen to the message they are trying to get across, and respond with positive body language and by repeating what they have told you. Make this conversation the most important thing to you in the moment, and try to clear your mind of outside distractions. Active listening can lead to positive results quickly, such as faster problem solving and increased morale. Give this effective communication strategy a try today!

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