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pmp renewal Nov 21, 2019

Steps to Renew Your PMP Certification – Don’t Risk Losing your PMP Status! 


Do you want to renew your PMP cert? What’s the easiest way to renew your PMP before it expires? Let us explore the steps to renew your PMP in this post.

What does it mean to renew your PMP’?

Are you a PMP certified professional? Or, aspiring to be a PMP? Either way, you need to know about the PMP Renewal process. Don’t worry, you don’t need to take the PMP Certification exam again! However, in order to renew your PMP and to stay in good standing you need to earn and report 60 Professional Development Units (PDU). 1 hour of learning is equal to 1 PDU.

When to Renew your PMP?

When did you get your PMP certification? The renewal is based on the date you got your credential. PMI gives you a 3-year certification cycle within which you have to renew PMP credential. From the date you got your PMP, you have to earn 60 PDU in 3 years to fulfill the Certification Cycle Requirement (CCR).

Steps to renew your PMP certification

Let us explore the steps to renew your PMP certification so that you can continue to maintain the most coveted credential PMP. When do you start the PMP renewal process. The best way, of course, is to start from the day you get your PMP credential in hand. But, do not lose hair if you are not close to completing your 3-year Certification Cycle. We provide a 60 PDU bundle package so that you can renew your PMP and retain your hard earned PMP certification! Our bundle is simple, easy, fast. It is accessible from any computer or mobile device 24 hours a day. CLICK HERE for your 60 PDU bundle package!

Renewal is easy when you follow these steps

Whether you’ve just earned your certification—or have been a certification holder for years—the steps are the same.

  1. Earn the required amount of Professional Development Units (PDUs) to meet the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) for your certification.

For example: To renew your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, you’ll need to earn 60 PDUs per 3-year cycle. This is where we come in, let us help you with this step, with our 60 PDU Bundle you can renew your PMP simple, easy, fast.

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  1. Enter your PDUs in the online CCR system (CCRS).
  2. Pay the renewal fee. You’ll receive information on how to pay when it is time for you to renew your certification.
  3. Once you’ve renewed, take a break before you start planning for your next 3-year renewal cycle.


Important things to remember

Once you submit payment—even if you submit it before your certification expires—your new cycle end date will be three years from your current certification expiration date.

For example: Your certification renewal date is 1 July 2019. You renew on 1 March 2019. Your certification renewal date will be 1 July 2022 (three years from the original renewal date).

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® certification holders do not need to earn PDUs to renew their certification. They also only have to renew every five years. 


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