Setting Goals for Success

leadership Dec 31, 2018

On the precipice of a new year, it is typically our habit to evaluate the year past and consider both our ‘wins’ and ‘failures’. Did we excel at work? Did we achieve any educational goals? Did we lose weight, gain weight, achieve any personal successes? New Years Resolutions are an age-old (dating back to the Babalonians and Romans) practice used to measure our personal victories and take an honest look at our recent efforts. Outside of general work performance improvements, do you have a plan in place for improving your role as a project manager in 2019?

PDUS2GO has designed the definitive list for maximizing your effectiveness as a PMP in 2019. From improving performance to mastering communication, these top tips can help put you at the top of your game in the new year!

  1. Set Goals. Any significant improvement starts with goal setting. In fact, being intentional and stating your New Years Resolutions is a great start! When it comes to goals, think SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. If you are setting goals by just ‘thinking’ about them you are only doing 1/2 the work. Write them down, be specific about your intentions, make sure they are reasonable, and put a date on them.
  2. Invest in your Team. You may single-handedly make some great achievements in the workplace, but if you are shouldering the entire responsibility of the team, you may not be mastering the ‘management’ part of your job. Part of being a great leader is bringing the best out of those around you. And when your team becomes a well-oiled machine capable of working together to achieve greatness, you’ll be sure to stand out as a great manager. So take the time to nurture, teach, and guide your teammates in 2019.
  3. Learn how to Communicate. We all know how to basically communicate, but are we advanced in our communication skills? Mitigate workplace disasters and avoid miscommunications in 2019 by taking the time to learn and practice some of the most important communication skills- including active listening, consciously communication, and communicating outside of our style. There is more to communication that hearing and responding- the world’s best communicators understand the important nuances that exist outside of the words we use.
  4. Embrace Technology. Whether it is earning PDU credits or finding a software that makes inner-team communication easier, don’t ignore the amazing strides that have been made on the technological front that can give you an edge. From on-the-go PDU credits ( to specialized project management software such as the templates on, developers have been hard at work over the years creating software to make the PMP’s life easier. Take some time to overcome the learning curve and make your daily life easier in 2019!
  5. Get Recertified. If you have been waffling about re-certifying your PMP certification, you should know that your PMP certification makes a real difference in 2019. Individuals with PMP certifications make an average of 20-22% more than non-certified project managers, and opens the door to numerous opportunities that require a PMP certification. Earning your PDU credits is easier than ever with companies like, which offers everything you need in an affordable, mobile platform.
  6. Make your Time Count. Are you constantly feeling overworked and behind? Do you find yourself working through most of the weekend, to try to catch up on things due earlier in the week? You might be surprised to find that time mastery is something that has to be worked at. Imagine how much better your 2019 could be if you were more purposeful with your time, and finished all of your tasks in the office versus at home at night or on the weekends.

These six recommendations are PDUs2Go’s top suggestions for taking control of your new year and mastering your role as a project manager. Wondering how you get started? PDUs2Go offers three 60 PDU course packages designed to help you achieve the modern PMPs most sought after goals: team management, time management, and communication mastery. To learn more about these programs and how we can help you bring out your best in 2019, visit out course page at

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