Top 5 Online Project Management Tools

As Project Managers, our times can be so divided amongst the many different responsibilities we are faced with on a daily basis. Our responsibilities on tasks, time, team members, scope, resources and budget can pull us in many directions, and require a great deal of organization to keep track of. Typically, PMPs must use either custom or specialized lists and tracking software to keep track of this multitude of responsibilities. As a project manager, you are likely to have a host of both online and offline resources, aimed at keeping track of these items.

The Top 5 Project Management Tools currently being used by PMPs are:

  1. Task lists: Many people still use Excel or Word docs to track the tasks and activities of the team.
  2. Collaboration: Largely an ‘off-line’ tactic, this is currently conducted through phone calls, in person check-ins, and emails.
  3. Gannt charts: Help us track information, including when tasks start and end.
  4. Dashboards: Dashboards, traditionally, are also a means of tracking data and information in a central location- such as a spreadsheet or Word doc. Many project managers still use a ‘homemade’ version of this to keep track of tasks.
  5. Time tracking and schedule tools: This is a collection of typically ‘off-line’ items used by PMPs to track the progress and actions of the team members involved in a project.

While all of these are essential tools for keeping up with our team’s progress and tracking our work, there are now many online versions of these tools and templates that exist specifically to maximize productivity for project managers. With the current method, we often have to go through many different documents or to several places to track down all of the needed information. Ideally, though, you would aim to track all of these items through one software program and, all online so all teammates could have easy access.

Have all of these in one central, online location is also a great way to simplify, with a more agile and streamlined process. Additionally, you can improve efficiency through the ability to have real-time online collaboration with your teammates. Further, using an online software tool can help create more accountability for your team, particularly in an environment where you may have some members working in a remote capacity. Many new software program allow for team or individual based email alerts, so everyone has up to date information on an item or activities status.

Today, there are several different software programs available to help you both manage and organize the activities and responsibilities of your projects and teammates., for example, has templates and tools to replace or improve the 5 main project management tools listed above, all in one online platform. To keep current with the times and maximize efficiency within your project or organization, consider finding a program that works best for your needs!

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