3 Ways to Make Yourself An Indispensable Project Manager

leadership Jun 08, 2018

Great projects are built on the backs of hard working project managers and the team members that support them. As project managers, we are given the crucial role to inspire, lead, and motivate those on our team to achieve greatness together. But what characteristics help distinguish us as project managers, and move our leadership skills from ‘good’ to ‘great’? What can we do for our teams that help us to be indispensable in our role as project managers?

At PDUs2Go, we believe that all truly successful PMPs possess a handful of skills that push their ability to lead and achieve to the next level. These fundamental traits are skills we must all possess to be productive and helpful in a work environment- but with the right training and shaping, can make us truly indispensable as project leaders. These skills are: goal setting, time management, and communication skills.

Goal Setting: As a project manager, how do you expect to achieve great things? Most likely-...

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The Top 5 Team Management Skills Every PMP Needs to Successfully Lead a Team

leadership Jun 08, 2018

Do you know the Top 5 Team Management Skills every manager needs to successfully lead a team?

In the world of project management, one of the greatest responsibilities we are tasked with is successfully leading our team to achieving our desired goal. But the question of how to do this is often hotly debated among our ranks. What makes a great project manager? What skills must that project manager possess to effectively lead their team? And lastly, how can we implement these skills to effectively and efficiently achieve our project goals?

Great team leadership begins with team management. Team management is the ability of an individual to administer and/or coordinate a group of individuals to perform a task. Within a project environment, it is often the task of the leader to both provide vision and guidance, as well as mitigate common project mistakes. Our team members rely on us to bring a sense of order to our process while also managing each individual’s unique objectives.


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Are You Marketing Yourself for Success? FREE 1 PDU Course

leadership Jun 08, 2018

Ever since the ‘Great Recession’ of the early 2000s, the job market has seemed like an increasingly unstable place. Even with a well established career as a certified project manager, we all often carry a shadow of caution in a way we may not have in the 90s or early 2000s. Though unemployment may be at a record low and companies may be achieving top numbers, we have collectively learned that staying at the top of your game is essential for achieving the success we all seek.

This reality begs an important question. Are you actively marketing yourself in a way that lends to future success? Are you presenting your achievements and showcasing your skills in a way that is in your best interest? In today’s economy, you are your most important promotor. What people can access about on and off line counts, and you must be putting your best foot forward in both places to guarantee proper reputation management.

PDUs2Go’s Essential Guide to Market Your BRAND as a PMP...

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