Top 5 Online Project Management Tools

As Project Managers, our times can be so divided amongst the many different responsibilities we are faced with on a daily basis. Our responsibilities on tasks, time, team members, scope, resources and budget can pull us in many directions, and require a great deal of organization to keep track of. Typically, PMPs must use either custom or specialized lists and tracking software to keep track of this multitude of responsibilities. As a project manager, you are likely to have a host of both online and offline resources, aimed at keeping track of these items.

The Top 5 Project Management Tools currently being used by PMPs are:

  1. Task lists: Many people still use Excel or Word docs to track the tasks and activities of the team.
  2. Collaboration: Largely an ‘off-line’ tactic, this is currently conducted through phone calls, in person check-ins, and emails.
  3. Gannt charts: Help us track information, including when tasks start and end.
  4. Dashboards: Dashboards, traditionally, are also...
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5 Tips to Keep You on Track During Thanksgiving

For many professionals, the most wonderful time of the year can come with a warning… how do we ensure that our workflow doesn’t fall through the cracks while still enjoying some time with our friends and family? In the midst of deadlines and project milestones, it can be hard to avoid the distractions and dread that our work may be falling behind. 

So, how can we enjoy this special time without digging ourselves into a hole come Monday? Try these tips: 

  1. Plan ahead. Most everyone will be out of work between Wed-Friday, so make sure you plan for that unexpected downtime.
  2. Work ahead. Part of planning ahead is getting ahead and doubling up on those tasks that have to be completed on a daily basis, even if it is a holiday.
  3. Be upfront. If you are going on vacation and need some extra time- make sure everyone in your pipeline knows that you won’t be around for a few days. Everyone usually understands that the holidays are a great time to shut down and shut off...
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Making the Most of Your Meetings

At the heart of project management, there is one thing we either love or dread: meetings. Whether you work in a bustling office environment or from the quiet of a home office, staying in touch with teammates is essential for keeping any project on track. But experts across the board agree that time spent in unproductive meetings are eating away at our core productivity time, and can lead to missed deadlines and frustrated teams. So, what can we do as team leaders to ensure that time spent together is time well spent? Changing up your meeting habits may be the best thing you can do to take your meetings from pointless to priceless. At PDUs2Go, we suggest the following:

  1. Learn from the scouts: The scout motto is ‘always be prepared’. If you aren’t armed with an agenda, you’re much more likely to veer off track and leave the meeting with more problem than solution. Take some time prior to joining the group to create a short rundown, outlining exactly what you...
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Top 4 Communication Forms and When You Should Use Them

leadership Nov 16, 2018

When it comes to communication — not every form is created equal.

Do you find yourself misinterpreted, misunderstood, or mistaken after sharing or receiving texts or email from employees or coworkers? While email and text messages have swiftly taken over as the go-to form of interoffice messaging due to their ease and speed, they are also often the source of confusion and, sometimes, frustration. Humans rely on more than their words to get their point across —and without the inflection, tone, and body language of a face-to-face conversation —a simple message can turn into a misinterpreted mess.

Here is PDUs2Go’s guide to the Top 4 Communication Forms and when you should use them. I’ll give you a hint... impersonal, automated communication should be at the bottom of the list.


1. Face to Face

Face to face communication should be your go-to form of communication when possible.

Always use face-to-face communication for matters of importance i.e. job...

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Should I be Texting My Co-workers?

leadership Nov 13, 2018

To text or not to text, that is the (hot button) question. Texting is quickly taking over as the go-to form of communication for the office, particularly as younger individuals begin to gain a strong foothold in the workforce. But should this form of communication come with a warning?

Experts argue that these famously short-form messages may often end in miscommunication- especially when used to convey matters of importance.

So if its more than just a friendly reminder or a message conveying basic information (meeting time and location for example), its best to leave it to a more established form of communication.

Have you ever been on the losing side of a misunderstood office text? Check out our Communicating for Results 60 PDU package for expert advice on tried and true communication strategies that say it right the first time.

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How to Keep Up in the Digital Age

According to the ABC News Report: Americans: Overworked, Overstressed (May, 2018) today’s workers are feeling the crunch of less time and more demands. Most employees clock in at over 50 hours per week (, with few now claiming to work the once ‘expected’ 40 hour work week. However, the average project manager works an average of 55-60+ hours per week (, leaving those within the project management community with even fewer hours in the day to handle outside work duties, chores, and leisure activities. In an economy that is demanding we produce more with less, and that prioritizes results- how are we to maintain a healthy balance in our lives?

Barring the ability to create more hours in the day (which we cannot do), we must become experts of our own time, and create strategies and practices that lend to better time management. Continuous long work hours, unchecked stress and unrealistic expectations are leading causes of work-related burnout. By...

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How DISC Can Help Eliminate Conflict and Produce Results

leadership Nov 05, 2018

It goes without saying that not everyone is alike. Your team is made up of a unique group of individuals who perceive things in a unique way and thrive off of different input and rewards. One critical mistake we often make a team leaders is treating these individuals the same- that is, assuming that they will respond well to the same set of instructions, communication, or feedback. Do you occasionally give feedback or instructions that are interpreted differently than you meant? Or, perhaps you have conflict within your teams from people who can’t seem to get on the same page. How do you solve these issues?

Enter, the DISC profile. The DISC assumes that people are, essentially, divided into 4 different categories (Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive, Cautious) and that these categories help dictate the most effective and impactful way to interact with these individuals. Determining who you work with that fits within these categories can be the key to increasing productivity...

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3 Ways to Make Yourself An Indispensable Project Manager

leadership Jun 08, 2018

Great projects are built on the backs of hard working project managers and the team members that support them. As project managers, we are given the crucial role to inspire, lead, and motivate those on our team to achieve greatness together. But what characteristics help distinguish us as project managers, and move our leadership skills from ‘good’ to ‘great’? What can we do for our teams that help us to be indispensable in our role as project managers?

At PDUs2Go, we believe that all truly successful PMPs possess a handful of skills that push their ability to lead and achieve to the next level. These fundamental traits are skills we must all possess to be productive and helpful in a work environment- but with the right training and shaping, can make us truly indispensable as project leaders. These skills are: goal setting, time management, and communication skills.

Goal Setting: As a project manager, how do you expect to achieve great things? Most likely-...

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The Top 5 Team Management Skills Every PMP Needs to Successfully Lead a Team

leadership Jun 08, 2018

Do you know the Top 5 Team Management Skills every manager needs to successfully lead a team?

In the world of project management, one of the greatest responsibilities we are tasked with is successfully leading our team to achieving our desired goal. But the question of how to do this is often hotly debated among our ranks. What makes a great project manager? What skills must that project manager possess to effectively lead their team? And lastly, how can we implement these skills to effectively and efficiently achieve our project goals?

Great team leadership begins with team management. Team management is the ability of an individual to administer and/or coordinate a group of individuals to perform a task. Within a project environment, it is often the task of the leader to both provide vision and guidance, as well as mitigate common project mistakes. Our team members rely on us to bring a sense of order to our process while also managing each individual’s unique objectives.


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Are You Marketing Yourself for Success? FREE 1 PDU Course

leadership Jun 08, 2018

Ever since the ‘Great Recession’ of the early 2000s, the job market has seemed like an increasingly unstable place. Even with a well established career as a certified project manager, we all often carry a shadow of caution in a way we may not have in the 90s or early 2000s. Though unemployment may be at a record low and companies may be achieving top numbers, we have collectively learned that staying at the top of your game is essential for achieving the success we all seek.

This reality begs an important question. Are you actively marketing yourself in a way that lends to future success? Are you presenting your achievements and showcasing your skills in a way that is in your best interest? In today’s economy, you are your most important promotor. What people can access about on and off line counts, and you must be putting your best foot forward in both places to guarantee proper reputation management.

PDUs2Go’s Essential Guide to Market Your BRAND as a PMP...

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